Educar desde el Corazón

Hermoso video que nos invita a Educar desde el Corazón.

Aqui algunas preguntas para reflexionar.

¿Cómo podemos educar a la mente?

¿Piensa en algunos ejemplos de educación de la mente?

¿Cómo educar el corazón?

¿Piensa en algunos  ejemplos de cómo has educado tu orazón?

¿Educamos la mente y el corazón en  nuestro sistema educativo?

Te gustaría empezar a educar tu corazón, a tu niño interior?



Educate the Heart
 When a child is born we do everything we can to protect them, nurture them, love them. A child’s heart and mind are fragile. As theygrow we want to teach them everything that weknow; we send them to school to fill their minds with wonderful knowledge, to give them the tools they need for life. At school theyget a taste of what things are like in theworld outside; there’s friendship, romance,disappointment, embarrassment, discriminationand bullying. But are the tools we give them enough to prepare them for this world? We have an enormous responsibility and anamazing opportunity. If we truly want to prepare them for the world outside, we mustalso educate the heart, because to navigate theworld outside with compassion, acceptance and tolerance, we need to teach them compassion,acceptance and tolerance. This can begin in ourschools and it can start today; it can happenat hockey practice, dance class, at day campsand music lessons; and it’s already happeningaround the world with astonishing results.If we want our children to grow into sociallyand emotionally capable young people we mustask for a balanced education that putsimportance on educating both the mind and theheart.

Publicado por Psicología transpersonal - Terapia Holística - Duelo

Hola, Bienvenido / Bienvenida Soy Alejandra León Te acompaño amorosamente a sanar e integrar las partes rotas de tu ser. Un viaje en el que combino la Psicología Transpersonal, las Terapias Holística y mis dones de Sanación.

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