Celebrates the Arrival of April

Primavera Alejandra León

La versión en Ingles, gracias a mi amiga de http://www.bewomantoday.com/


With the arrival of spring, the seed that dies down in the dark earth , and reborn as outbreak. Our environment begins to be covered with flowers, animals begin to get food from the green fields , trees change color and all starts to make a new life.

And you, are you ready for change ?

Just as nature changes, we also feel the need to shake off the winter state , inertia , stillness . It’s time to get up, get out and do .

What would you like to do in the spring to improve your life?

Just as the surface of the earth , our spirit and our body invites us to do new things, to cultivate our inner gardens and plant qualities , ideas, projects we want to start or improve moves.

Time for action. Where do you want to start?

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Check these areas of your life that need more work , maybe they are the key to your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Go Outside to Sunbathe and Recharge your energy. Walk, smiling , looking contact with nature.
  • Note the animals in your environment , in tune with them, live spring just as they do.
  • Review your list of projects , plans, objectives . If you have not already ; it’s time to start writing .
  • Inject a dose of energy to each of your plans or projects.
  • Analyze if your list of projects is in harmony with the various areas of your life .
  • Work in every way. Open yourself to a world of possibilities projected.
  • Get to work , act , share , seek help.



Publicado por Psicología transpersonal - Terapia Holística - Duelo

Hola, Bienvenido / Bienvenida Soy Alejandra León Te acompaño amorosamente a sanar e integrar las partes rotas de tu ser. Un viaje en el que combino la Psicología Transpersonal, las Terapias Holística y mis dones de Sanación.

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